Partner College Ministries

The men of Kappa Upsilon Chi (KYX) Christian fraternity at the University of Central Florida is a chapter of a national men’s fraternal organization.  These young men represent the best of the University of Central Florida as well as Seminole State College and Valencia State College.  They have been based out of the Church of the Incarnation, it’s home church, since 2015, but have been in relationship with us for much longer.  These young men gather for fellowship, community, and discipleship.  Over the years many of these young men have been members of the Church of the Incarnation and have been active in both the life of the Canterbury Club as well as the life of the parish.

The young women of the Theta Alpha Christian Sorority at the University of Central Florida are the counterparts of the KYX Christian Fraternity.  They are one in purpose with the fraternity and serve the young women of the University of Central Florida providing sisterhood, fellowship, and discipleship.  The young women are our partners in ministry and have been active in life of the church by participating in our nursery ministry.  Over the years we have been blessed with being partners in ministry with these young ladies and have been blessed to have many of them be active in the life of both the Canterbury Club and the parish.

The Emmaus School of Biblical Studies is a dynamic community of gifted Bible teachers and students living in community at the Canterbury Retreat and Conference Center.  As our partners in ministry Emmaus is one in purpose with us in that both organizations seek to nurture the study of Scripture in the people we serve.  Emmaus is responsible for our Fifth Monday programming where they teach and showcase their gifts on the fifth Monday each month throughout the year.